Miami, Miami Beach, South Beach, South Florida! Hot Spot!...

Where the young and not so young, the rich and famous, the fame Chaser and the fortune seeker come to mingle, have fun and follow their dream. The diversity, the arts, entertainment options, leisure, nightlife and the white sand beaches create a mix where everyone can draw his or her own pleasure.

Few cities offer as many attractions as Miami: entertainment, museum, 3-D Movies, For years movies and songs have portrayed Miami and Miami Beach as the place to make it big as a model or artist. The young and not so young come here to seek fame and fortune.


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Art & Culture

Enrich your Miami vacation. Visit one of Miami or Miami Beach Broadway-Class entertainment centers, a museum or an artist' studio. South Florida is renowned internationally for its artistic flavor.

Amusement Parks

South Florida amusement parks provide fun and a place for the whole family to relax and interact. Play mini-golf, watch monkeys, elephants, girafes or parrots in the wild; be amazed by an alligator wrestler; interact with sea mammals or clowns; watch a magic show, tour the Everglades in a paddleboat; experience the diversity of South Florida... South Florida's amusement parks will provide you with hours of entertainment.

Beach Resorts

Go out, enjoy the blue sky and the white sand. Dig a hole in the white South Florida sand, lie in there and feel the warmth. Remember to keep your eyes open: 'beauty and beauties to experience'!


Try your luck! And, enjoy the buffet... On a boat or in one of the South Florida Casinos, you may just be the next big winner.

The Everglades

Experience the many worders of Nature, the beauty and wildlife of the Everglades: the 'River of Grass' flowing lazily, flocks of birds suddenly filling the air with the sound from their wings, alligators resting in the sun, crickets and frogs challenging your senses; watch alligator wrestling, take an airboat ride or a Swamp Buggy Ride; eat exotic food like frog leg or alligator meat

Art, Exhibit, Museum

Florida's museums are filled with artifacts, exhibits and history. Discover Miami's roots by stepping back in time, or look into the future by gazing into the stars through a giant telescope.

Race Tracks

Whether you're watching horses, dogs or cars, you can catch some action at one of South Florida's racetracks. Watching your favorite horse or driver at a South Florida racetrack will surely raise your pulse.


Ocean Drive, Collins or Washington Avenue in South Beach; Joe's Stone Crabs; Dominique's at the Alexander Hotel; The Forge; Versailles; Tap-Tap; French, Haitian, Cuban, Chinese, Indian, Argentinian, Brazilian; should I say more?

Roadside Attractions

Take a stroll over Ocean Drive, Collins or Washington Avenue in South Beach; Watch the filming of a high-speed chase on one of the causeways; take a trip to the many flea-markets; stroll downtown, on Flagler Street.

Shopping Areas

From exotic shops in South Beach, fancy stores in Coral Gables to major malls, South Florida has the variety and selections that will satisfy the most easy and the difficult. The Bal Harbor Shops, Aventura Mall, Sawgrass Mills, The Mayfair in Coconut Grove, Bayside Market Place in Downtown Miami, Flagler Street in Downtown Miami are just few examples of the availability of shopping in South Florida.