Downtown Miami

• Location: Soya e Pomodoro

Address: 120 NE First St. - Miami, FL 33132

Contact: or call 305-381-9511

Time: 9 PM. every Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

There exists an earnest, unpretentious beauty to Soya, like some strangely seductive and rustic trattoria you might accidentally stumble upon on an ancient cobblestone side street of Venice. "Simple food made with love" is the motto here, and the first bites of melanzane alla parmigiana, cleanly fried eggplant sprightly sauced and cheesed, makes that sentiment seem sincere.

More uncontrived pleasures include ravioli pillows of minced porcini mushrooms and ricotta cheese, fresh crepes (camilloni) rolled with spinach and ricotta, and bistecca con pepperoni e capperi, a juicy, pan-seared sirloin steak sided by roasted red peppers, capers, and garlic.

All lunches come with a basket of bread and house salad, and everything costs less than $10 (excepting salmon and steaks, which top out at $11). Eminently drinkable wines are similarly affordable, homemade tiramisu is wondrously soft, and service is amiable and attentive.

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